The tools of the Druids – The Workshops

At the Gathering 2017 there will be many fascinating workshops according to our theme „The tools of the Druids“. The following list is a short overview, followed by a list with a list with texts in detail.

  • THE MASK OF WILD SPIRIT    Marjorie Pennings
  • OGHAM-WORKSHOP    Adrian Rooke
  • ARTHURIAN MYTH – Healing the wounds of the soul    Stefan
  • ASTRONOMY    Nico
  • GODESSES AND GODS OF FIRE     Marjolein & Marco
  • HAKA AND DRUIDS     Bettina
  • INNER GRAVITIY     Johan
  • LET THE AWEN FLOW     Sirona
  • MANDALA WEAVING     Amandine
  • OVERTONE SINGING and Hőőmii (Mongolian Throat Singing)     Menno
  • TAROT     Nicole


THE MASK OF WILD SPIRIT  Marjorie Pennings

Sometimes we put on a mask to present a certain persona or inner part of us, in order to feel secure and safe in an uncertain situation or to create a sense of illusion about ourselves.

In this workshop however we will work with masks as a way to strengthen our connection with an inner part of our persona. Wearing a mask in ritual and ceremony can help us reconnecting with an element, an elemental being, a power animal or God or Goddess archetype more strongly. And thus it becomes a magical power object.

The first part of this workshop will aim to connect through inner journeying with the image and spirit of your mask. And we will prepare the mask to perfectly match your face.

In the second part of this workshop on the next day, we will paint and decorate our masks in a magical, creative process.

OGHAM-WORKSHOP        Adrian Rooke

Divination ,seeking information and guidance through a connection to the natural world , has been a tool mankind has chosen to use since our conscious minds developed the capacity to plan, to dream , to hope .Therefore using the 20 main trees in the ogham tree language ,we will see which tree chooses you ! And what gifts and insights will unfold as a consequence. There will be an opportunity to carve the Rune that chooses you as a permanent reminder of the experience. We will use meditation , chanting and sharing to maximize the quality of our shared time .


A workshop exploring the magical tools we are given in the Bardic Grade, and how we can use them in our work as Druids. Tools will include the Light Body, the Awen and the Other World. We will be working with them in different ways, and discussing their practical uses elsewhere.

A TASTE OF THE HARP           Tineke

This workshop gives you the opportunity to “meet and greet” this magical instrument that the Druids have been playing for ages, and is meant for only those of you who never played any harp before.

During this workshop I will take you on a journey into the magical world of the sounds on strings, where we will play on both small and large Celtic harps. We start from zero, and will explore this wonderful instrument with all varieties of woods, strings, levers and pitches. We will find ourselves discover sounds and harmony. And, most important, we will just play harp freely and have fun together. We might even end up playing  with Harp & Soul…..

TAROT     Nicole

This year’s theme ‘Tool of the Druids’ is a wonderful one and spot on when it comes to the tarot. Tarot cards ARE tools, and the tarot is the perfect tool to find out more about yourself and about your personal tools you’re carrying in your tool box. Do you know what you’re good at, your strength, your passion? The cards you pull are mirrors that show you an image of you and your circumstances. Do you dare to look into that mirror?

LET THE AWEN FLOW       Sirona

I invite you to a time of singing together, sharing songs that the participants can choose from a set of sheet music, which will be provided. You will not need to read music.


Two hours connecting with the fire in you! With the help of the Goddesses and Gods of fire. A path that will lead you to your innerself with the mirror as your only tool!     It is a new way of giving a workshop.


“Thereby the soul is happy in the body“

For this we gather in the motherdrum healing. We lie under the huge drum und with the soft sound carpet we leave the wheel of our thoughts and come to calmness. We open up the room and feel how the healing stones in the medicine wheel support our field of energy and how the cents of our incense plant helpers changes our inner space.

OVERTONE SINGING and Hőőmii (Mongolian Throat Singing)    Menno

Hőőmii is a collection of vocal styles from the special Shamanic / Buddhist cultures of the Mongolian and Tuva steppe dwellers. It is a magical vocal sound that manages to surprise. We travel together to the steppes of Mongolia and Tuva, not physically but in sound. In the sounds of Hőőmii is hidden a deep connection with nature.


Weaving a Mandala is a journey. It reflects the inner world of the maker. Afterwards the contemplation can bring peace and energy. A Mandala changes the energy of the room. Once the basic handling is known, weaving a Mandala the mind is brought into a meditational state, by the repetitive movements and the spinning of the yarn.



We will start with different basic geomantic excercises (connective and perceptual). Later we will visit one or two energy places in the nearby forrest and we will go into resonance with the deeper level and perceive the special quality of this place. Here we can practise the techniques we learned before. After an exchange of our personal experience we will close with a small final meditation.

INNER GRAVITIY              Johan

Inner gravity is the force that gives meaning to our lives and to our activities.

This workshop is about the nature of this force, and how to obtain it, to read it, to build it up, to activate it – and how to use that as a druidic tool for magic and healing.


ASTRONOMY          Nico

The night sky is filled with movement.

When we sleep, the heavenly bodies dance their dances, around us and with us. We see it in the sunrise and the full moon, in the winter solstice and the alignments of Stonehenge. At first glance that seems a mysterious and chaotic realm for astronomers and astrologers.But when we engage in this cosmic dance ourselves, then we can discover a clear order of circles.

I invite you to come with me to this dance in my astronomy workshop.


ARTHURIAN MYTH  – Healing the wounds of the soul   Stefan Kaiser

In the same way as the story of Talliesin and Ceridwen tells the becoming and the birth of the Bard and the Druid, the Arthurian Myth describes the world the Druid is born into. On the surface we find stories of courage, love and courtesy. On a deeper level we see the Divine and the Otherworld shining through full of wisdom and healing. The Quest for the Grail is the symbol for the spiritual path of the soul culminating in a mystical experience granting healing, inspiration and the fulfilment of what we most desire. In the workshop we will hear one of the oldest texts of the Grail myth and experience how it is applied for healing.


Rituals play a more or less big role in our lives. Next to the well-known big rituals like celtic circle festivals  and the more frequent ones, like burning incense, there are some other rituals in our every-day live we sometimes do semi-concious. Sometimes they are habits, whose ritual meaning is discovered only by looking closer to them. These rituals  have an important meaning in everyday life for our wellbeing and psyche. We look closer on this kind of rituals in our workshop, to realize the meaning of these rituals and to use them with consciousness.



Dragons are universal mythological creatures. They are creatures of magic. If we think of Dragons, we think of fighting with our dark side, coming to terms with it, accepting it. The Dragon is the keeper of the treasure hidden in de depths of our Soulself. Working with Dragons is not for the fainthearted! You have to tread them with care and utter most respect!

This meditation is for people who are willing and able to travel a bit deeper, who are prepared to look at themselves and face the Dragons. While working with the dragons myself they showed me how to use my Crystals and to make a very powerful Medicinewheel with them. The Medecinewheel will be there during the meditation, for extra protection, strength and healing.


The druids know many tools. One of their tools is the crane bag in which druids gather their magic tools. In my twenties I read Mists of Avalon and th image of Morgaine who embroidered the magic scabbard in which Arthur kept Excalibur spoke deaply to me.

Later on in my life I started drawing and embroidering magic symbols and animals on bags and ceremonial clothing. I found out it was healing for me doing this work and I would like to share it with you! In the workshop I tell more about the healing part of this work.

In my workshop you will learn to draw and embroider your own symbol on anything you want. Anyone can learn it! We start with a meditation in which you can find your symbol. Maybe you are already sure about something you want to make, then you can bring photo’s or pictures along. We provide you with material (felt) but you can also bring your own material.

YOUR ENERGY IN ACTION         Andreas Trampenau

We will go deeper in the world of energy and the higher energies of the human body. In this intense Workshop I will work praktical and vividly with these themes:

  • Effective „energy-tools“ for difficult situations in everyday life.
  • Realise the difference between good and unwanted forces working on you
  • Recognize energetic attacks and the effect on your emotions
  • Clean your energy-field from unwanted attachements
  • Build a protective layer around your energy-field
  • Balance in awareness your center
  • Ground yourself and let your vision come true

„ HAKA AND DRUIDS”    Bettina 

The ritual maori dance “Haka” fascinates many people. It is “a message of the soul expressed by words and posture”. And indeed there are some stunning connections to the ancient celtic culture. In this workshop we will perform a classic Haka together and learn about the qualities of the warrior and the power of tribal connection  we find in the Haka for our spiritual path as modern druids.  Haka is a powerful experience for men and women ;-).