Arrival & Timetables

  1. Times of arrival

Arriving on Thursday is possible for those who want to enjoy the camp atmosphere longer. On Thursday 29.6. earliest arrival is from 15.00, latest till 19.00. There will be dinner between about 18.00 and 19.00 o´clock. Please note that we have initiations on Thursday evening and that you might need to wait for finding someone to put up your tent or find your room.

On Friday the gate for registration will be open from 9 to 13.15. At 12.30 there will be lunch.

Please specify on the registration your day of arrival. If you don’t know yet about a Thursday or Friday arrival or change your decision please let us know via mail until 16.5. (please pay the extra fee until then).

  1. Sequence Structure of Gathering

On Thursday there will be Initiations after dinner. We are looking forward for helping people helping with the Initiations (please read the information on Initiations on the workshop page)  If you are not involved with the Initiations you have the opportunity to meet old friends at the campfire or to get to know new ones. For people arriving on Thursday there will be breakfast on Friday morning. There will be no official events on Friday morning the Gathering starts with lunch on Friday.

The Opening Ceremony will be on Friday from 13.45 till 16.00. Please arrive latest at 13.15. in Ebberg, to have the chance to register at the gate in time before the ceremony starts. If  you arrive later than 13.45 we ask you to wait at the gate till the Ceremony is over. Entering the Circle during the Ceremony isn´t possible.

On Friday afternoon Workshops will start, Groves will be in the evening.

On Saturday morning and afternoon there will be more Workshops and in the evening we will hold an Eisteddfod.

The Gathering ends on Sunday 2.07.2017 around 14:00 after lunch, please make space in your schedule for helping out with cleaning up, the more the merrier, the earlier we are all ready to come home.

3. Arrival, Parking and transfers

For all kinds of travelling to the Gathering you´ll find a description on Adress for navigation system is Ebberg 1, D-58239 Schwerte

There are some parking spots next to the house. If they are occupied you can park along the road between the guesthouse and the village. If you need a parking spot next to the house due to physical reasons, please let us know. Please pay attention to the instructions of the parking attendants.

4 Weeks before the Gathering we want to send all participants a list with contact-dates for organizing shared rides. Please let us know  if you don’t want your data to be shared. Of course we don´t send datas from children.

If you arrive by public transport there´s a 20 minute walk from Busstop „Reichshofstrasse“ up the hill to the guesthouse. If you need a transport for physical reasons please send us an email, we try to organize a collecting transfer at a special time.